Strength in Femininity


Emily Wilson: Speaker/ Author/ Worship Leader/ Wife

One of the women who has truly shown me what it means to say, Thy will be done, is Emily Wilson. Before I knew Emily personally, I knew her as a praise and worship leader at Steubenville conferences.  I saw her as this amazing servant who was living out her Yes so beautifully and happily and I wanted to know how she was doing it. Her dedication to helping young women know their worth as daughters of Christ has been a huge inspiration for how I want to run this blog. So to have her as my first feature is truly an honor.

“I was like, ‘Lord, why me?’”

So how did she start off her powerful ministry as a worship leader and women’s speaker who travels the world changing lives? She started as a journalism major who randomly picked up Pope Saint John Paul II’s encyclical On the Dignity and Vocation of Women after mass one Sunday. “I knew as soon as I read it that my life would never be the same. I knew it. I was like, women have to know these things and I had no idea how I was going to do it because my degree was in broadcast journalism,” said Wilson. After her graduation her old youth minister called her and offered her the position as assistant minister with the girls at her old high school. “The Lord was like, ‘I know you want to be a journalist but I need you to do this. I need young women to hear this stuff and I’m picking you to do it.’ And I was like, ‘Lord, why me?’” What I love is that Emily knew that her personal plans for her life could never make her as happy as the ones God had in store for her, even if they seemed crazy at the time.

“Recently, someone on twitter called me an advocate for young women and I think that is an interesting way to put it because the core of everything I do is that I want women to understand how spectacular they are as daughters of God and I want that knowledge to overflow into everything they do in their lives.” She has an authenticity that is so apparent in everything she shares with the young women she speaks to. I can tell you from personal experience, that after having a conversation with her it is evident that she truly cares about every woman she meets. Each soul matters so much to me. I want every girl who sits with me to know I actually care.”

Each soul matters so much to me. I want every girl who sits with me to know I actually care.”

Wilson’s dedication to helping women live out their femininity has helped changed the narrative of Christian feminists, “Edith Stein says ‘Mary is the ideal women because she shows us how to perfectly blend tenderness with power.’ I nearly fainted when I read that. I think what it means to be a woman is to have the perfect blend of being so tender in the way that only women can. There is such a strength in the maternal love that women offer to the world and I think that’s what modern feminism is missing. There is such a strength in our femininity, in our gentleness, that’s not being talked about”

Finally, the reason we’re here, Emily’s take on modesty is something that was so new and refreshing for me and I hope you will all enjoy it as well. “Our society tells you and I as women that skin equals power. Society looks at a girl who is showing a lot of skin and is like, ‘she is so confident in her body.’ All the while I’m looking at Adele. She is a superstar powerhouse who is always classy and modestly dressed and yet totally dazzling and modern at the same time. People will go to her concerts and watch her command an entire stadium of people with her gifts alone. Her personality shines like the sun and is totally engaging and she doesn’t have to dress immodestly to get any of that.” Emily knows that with modesty and classiness comes this knowledge of your own self-worth. “Christ handcrafted each person born to the earth. He does not make things that are not valuable or worthless, and there is nothing anyone can do to take value away from something God gave the value to. When women are struggling with self-worth, I encourage them to read Isaiah chapter 43. He means those words for each of us.” We were made by God to live beautifully and dignified.

“Our society tells you and I as women that skin equals power.”

As for the biggest problem of them all, how do you actually find cute clothes that are modest? “If you want to dress modestly you have to be patient when you’re going shopping. We as women who dress modestly aren’t going to have wardrobes as big as women who don’t care. If you’re patient and you keep looking you’ll find great things.” Emily is right, patience is key, and once you know where to look it becomes so much easier to find stuff, I know from personal experience. Decide what your style is and if you have the patience you will find the things you love in a way that brings respects to your body. “I love simple shirts that I can dress up with jewelry and I don’t know about you but I love a good swing dress and you can find them everywhere. When it comes to modesty, do you have to wear Bermuda shorts all the time? No. I just want you to know you are beautiful just as you are and if you cover up and show the world that your body belongs to you that does not make you any less beautiful and any less fun.” 

Here are a couple of Emily Wilson’s favorite places to shop:
Nordstrom Rack
H&M – really good for solid modest basic pieces
TJ Max – especially for shoes

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