Put on Love


“Dignity… It’s so attractive!”

So, I finally saw the new Beauty and the Beast last night and let me just say it was all around phenomenal. When I heard this line from Gaston while talking about what made Belle so beautiful and different I was literally so blown away by Disney that I almost fell out of my seat!  Like wow, so many young girls are going to see this movie and they are going to hear that line… That’s what we need girls to hear. That’s the feminist narrative we need to be spreading.

In Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Women, he speaks of the “genius of women,” this idea of a fullness of grace, dignity, and service that only women possess. We, as women, were made to exhibit this self-giving love and we were entrusted by god with the ability to create life. How much beauty and power is in that! Like, our bodies are the pinnacle of creation! It was only after creating us that God was satisfied with His creation and could rest. That fact that God created women and knew then that world was complete gives us so much value and worth and it makes me want to scream that women don’t know this. We were made as this glorious gift and there isn’t a single aspect of us which isn’t beautiful.

That fact that God created women and knew then that the world was complete gives us so much value and worth and it makes me want to scream that women don’t know this.

This Bible passage from Colossians 3 has really been on my heart lately, “So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness,
humility, gentleness and patience.” Yes, this is a passage about how to act as servants of God, but what if we use it to inspire how we dress as well?

“So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved”
Our bodies are a temple of God, made in His image and likeness, and we
should dress to reflect that. I love flowing shirts, pastel colors and lace,
like the shirt I’m wearing above, because they make me feel beautiful. When
looking for clothes think about what makes you feel beautiful, what makes
you feel beloved.
“Put on a heart of compassion and kindness, humility, gentleness and patience”
Dress with the humble knowledge that the beauty of our body is meant to
point others to Christ. Dressing modestly is having the compassion and the
kindness to show people a little bit of heaven on earth. It isn’t easy, but
we must have a gentle and patient attitude to find clothes that dignify us
but also fit with the style of today.
“And above all, put on love which is the perfect bond of unity.”
Love yourself, love your body. You are so beautiful and when you know that
it reflects so purely in the way you dress and act it’s insane. Put aside
the tight shorts and the tops you always have to fidget with. They don’t
glorify your gift, they don’t glorify your body, and they strip away other’s
awareness of your own dignity.

We were made to be feminine and beautiful and I love clothing that makes me feel that way. Let’s live out the beauty of our femininity in the way we dress! It’s okay to dress to reveal the feminine shape. The key is in finding the balance between dressing in a way that flatters your body and dressing in a way that reveals too much, its hard but it is so worth it. Our bodies are made to be good and beautiful in the image and likeness of God. Being modest isn’t about wearing clothing that makes you look like a box, it’s about letting the dignity and the grace that is innately in you shine through in your actions and your style.

Women, call each other to excellence!

And so I ask… Women, call each other to excellence! Heck, call men to excellence! Put yourself in a service of love. Recollect the desire you have to be a servant of love and let your awareness of your own dignity and grace run your decisions. We are all powerful, passionate, and delicate individuals and it is time we show the world what we can do.  Embrace your feminine genius, and use it to change the culture into one of respectful love for ourselves and for people around us.

Outfit of the Week:
-Shirt: Target is the best for fun, easy, and cheap shirts
-Jeans: I got mine from Madewell, but I’m a big supporter in investing in one good pair of jeans. These are my favorite! (Also, Madewell has an awesome student discount)
-Socks: Frilly socks are such a favorite and add a personality to any outfit + you can find     them anywhere
-Hat: This was a random thrift shop find but it has become a favorite accessory.
-Jewelry: My Saint My Hero is essentially the only stuff I wear

Songs Of The Week:
Evermore – Dan Stevens (Beauty and the Beast)
Trees – Twenty One Pilots
Out of Hiding – Steffany Gretzinger

Please feel free to leave prayer intentions here and if you want to read my feature from last week click here!

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