Thank You

cuala-1So, I’m still in shock… I just finished my freshman year of college. It flew by so crazy fast and now I’m hear sitting in my sister’s dorm trying to think about what to write and all I can think about is how much my life has changed within the past year. How much the friends I have made have touched my heart and how many of my past insecurities are nowhere to be found in me. How God has lit my soul on fire and how aware I am of His love. This year was easily one of the best years of my life.

To my friends: Thank you for the way you guys loved me is something I have never experienced before and I have loved every late night spent up with you. The way you bring me to pray the rosary every night with you and meet me at mass every day and actively work to spend time with me has been so amazing. You guys have transformed my heart and brought me so much closer to Christ solely by the way you loved.

To the boy who took me on my first date: Thank you for showing me what to expect from a boy on my first date. For allowing me to set my standards high and wait for the man who will treat me with respect and compliment my femininity. You were the answer to a prayer for a great first date and for that I will always be grateful.


To my professors at Catholic: Thank you for caring more about my heart than my grades. I am so blessed to be at a school where I my professors know me by name and truly want me to succeed. Having a business professor who lecturs about Theology of the Body and an English professor who gave us theological debates for as essay topics was so refreshing after going to a public school for four years. You taught me a fearlessness when it came to speaking up for my faith and how to defend it in an academic setting.

To my parents: I realize more and more every day how blessed I am to have two parents who love me so unceasingly. I am so happy I broke down every wall in our relationship and I love being so totally free with you. Thank you for being such amazing examples for my faith and always being there when I need to rant and always loving me, even when I’m overdramatic. I love you guys so much and I couldn’t have done this year without you.

To the Merciful Heart of Jesus: Thank you for always welcoming me back into your arms. Thank you for always loving me and forgiving me even though I contribute to Your pain on the cross every day. Thank you for the unimaginable humility You show when coming down into the Eucharist and thank you for finding a dwelling place in my heart. I pray that I will always be a vessel for you to do your work. Empty me Lord and fill me with Your Spirit and Your Fire.


Finally… To those reading my blog: Thank you so much for the dedication you have shown to my blog and for reading it every week, even when I’m late or the photos are not the best. Thank you for supporting me as I grow and I am so excited to see where we will go from here!

In Him through her,

Song Recommendations of the Week:
Dear Wormwood – The Oh Hellos (easily one of my favorite songs of all time)
The Fire – Seryn
Bread and Bleeding – Penny & Sparrow

Outfit of the Week:
Grey Shift Dress – Old Navy
Burgundy Tights – ASOS
Softest Sweater Ever – Anthropologie
Jewelry – My Saint My Hero (these earrings are my favorite things in the world)

3 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Lizzy – Your fire for your faith and heart of gratitude is contagious!! So grateful to have found your blog. Even though I’m decades older than you, you inspire me with your wisdom and beautiful heart! Proving we’re never too young to teach and we’re never too old to learn! 💙


  2. I just discovered your blog and assumed you are close to my age (29) based on your skilled writing and the mature voice you have in expressing your Catholic faith…and my jaw just about hit the floor when I read that you just completed your freshman year. Then I thought, ‘WOW! What a woman. She is going to set the world on fire.” Thank you for taking the time to share yourself so beautifully!


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