Our Saintly Women

Our Lady of Sorrows

Hello everyone! I know you’re not used to seeing a post from me on Wednesdays but I want to try something new this summer. I’ve been thinking of ways to mix up my blog and have a smaller post halfway through the week that wouldn’t be too overwhelming and then I saw my friend Sydney’s paintings. She is so incredibly talented and always amazes me with her work and I realized that it needs to be shared with the world. So, we decided to team up and share her paintings with the stories of different saints each week. While researching female saints to feature each Wednesday, I have discovered so many phenomenal and holy women who I have never heard of before and I cannot wait to share their stories because they need to be told.

This image of Mary holding Jesus at the foot of the cross is just a sneak peak of the beautiful images to come and the best part is Sydney and I are setting up an Etsy page where, starting next week, you can buy her paintings with my short description of the saint. I started this blog as a way to inspire women to live holier and happier lives with our Father and who better to inspire than the holiest women (and one or two men) throughout history. I can’t wait to start sharing these saint’s stories because it’s about time the world hears them and I’m so blessed to have someone as talented as Sydney to help me do so in such a beautiful way.

In Him through her,