Welcome Home

madiphotos-1Hey everyone… so I’ve got a dilemma. This Thursday I leave for Camp Golden State, an amazing camp run by Life Teen where I have the honor of serving teens from all over for the next month. The problem is there is no way I will have the time to put together and post reflections and features twice a week while I’m there. So, after talking with people who understand the camp schedule I’ve decided that for the month while I am at camp I will be posting once a week on Sunday evenings: two reflections and two features.

The thought of not posting made me anxious at first because my blog is so young and I hate the idea of letting anyone down but I’ve come to be at peace with the decision. I dedicated myself to this job and while I am there the campers and those I will be serving with deserve 100% of my attention and energy. I want to be able to give them all of me and I know how much this blog requires of me. It just isn’t fair to them and it wouldn’t be fair to me.

this is what happens when you try to be outdoorsy but it just doesn’t work out

The Spirit is moving at this camp just as it did on Pentecost and I cannot wait to see how He touches my life and the lives of everyone there. I just know that I will come back from my month separated from the things of this world on fire and inspired to do so many amazing things with this blog. I already am beginning to form now ideas for posts and so many other things and I can’t wait to get back and figure it all out.

I ask that you remain patient with me and stick with me over the next month as I figure out how everything is going to work out. If Sunday night ends up being a terrible time then I will update everyone via Instagram and Facebook as soon as I choose a new time. I have to be honest with you all… I have no clue how this is going to work out, but I know that God has done so much for me with this blog and that He has so many great plans for it so I go into this month without fear.
madiphotos-3God bless you all and I ask for your prayers as I enter into this month of service and know that I will be praying for every single one of you.
In Him through her,

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Music Recommendations of the Week: (these are all really beautiful ones that all women should listen to)
Beloved – Jordan Feliz
Love Broke Through – TobyMac
The Way – Housefires

also… look at how handsome my baby cousin I’m babysitting is

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Thank you for being so open and sharing so much of yourself. I look forward to witnessing your journey!


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