God is Real, Prayer Works, and Love Heals

As I said before my trip, I have a lot of ideas of where my blog is headed in the upcoming year. One change that I am so excited to start with today is my Friday Features are no longer confined to just women! Some Fridays I may be featuring a jewelry or clothing company, others I may be talking about specific fashion trends I like, I may do some product reviews, or I could feature a woman who inspires me like before; the opportunities are endless! By doing this I hope to have more consistent and practical fashion related advice for all of you while still keeping my reflection style of blogging for Mondays…

As for my first new Friday Feature I am so excited to share with all of you the newest line from My Saint My Hero. These bracelets are so elegant and exemplify blending the ancient traditions of our faith with the beauty of the modern world. msmh-1I’m in love with this Holy Family cuff. The iconography represents the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Pure Heart of Joseph and I never want to take it off.msmh-2msmh-4Holy Family Cuff | Arise and Shine Crystal Blessing Bracelet |Divine Beauty Beautiful Blessing Bracelet | Immaculate Heart Pendant Necklace | Sacred Heart of Jesus Earrings | Stellar Ocean Blessing Bracelet | Hail Mary Morse Code Prayer Rope | Pillar of Faith Ring – I absolutely love it as a meaningful and understated purity ring |

A piece that stood out to me from the beginning with these products was the Hail Mary in morse code. I have never seen anything it that before in my life and I love knowing no matter how crazy my day gets or how lazy I get there is something on my body saying a Hail Mary for me. msmh-8msmh-7Drops from Heaven Earrings | Stellar Blessings Iridescent | Freedom Blessing Bracelet | Faith Petite Necklace |

For me, sometimes silver jewelry feels a more casual… just switching up the shoes and jewelry changed the whole dynamic of the outfit, making it much more casual and comfortable.msmh-5The skirt is from Madewell but it is no longer for sale – here is a link to some midi skirts that I find very cute and trendy |  Topshop Roll Cuff Stripe Tee (similar to original) | Andrea round Toe Pumps (blush pink suede heels) | Sofft Mirabelle Sandals (these are easily the comfiest and cutest sandals I own) |

As for the rest of my outfit… Striped shirts have become a staple in my closet and I find myself gravitating towards them every morning. When I first got this skirt I thought it was going to be for more formal events but as I become more confident I found myself wearing it more and more in casual situations and people absolutely love it! It’s a win/win kind of skirt!

I hope you enjoyed todays post and if you have any companies you’d like to see reviews of or promoted on Fridays contact me here!

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