Worth the Wait

(Mrs) Kristina Sorrells: Nursing Major

I’ve known Kristina for a very long time but I have always known her as Kristina Varvais… seeing her this week to catch up and interview her for this post was weird to finally see her as the new Mrs. Kristina Sorrells. She was absolutely radiant and seeing her and her husband, Ivan, work around and with each other that morning it was absolutely beautiful. The way they joked with each other and the way he took 30 minutes just to make her the perfect coffee; to see them in that honeymoon phase was a gift and brought me so much joy.
Something very unique about their circumstances though, is that for the first month of their marriage they have been living and fully taking care of Kristina’s grandparents. That is definitely not something you hear about every day. When asked how it has been she is so honest about what it has done to benefit their new marriage but also about how hard it has been, “It’s a really sweet time… We’ve gotten so much encouragement from living with my grandparents. Sometimes in the morning or before they go to bed they just give us the most encouraging words and they pray with us. And they say, “We don’t know any other young couples who just got married who would come and take care of two old foglies.” Honestly, that is so much more important to me that we get to bless them with our help and they get to bless us with all their encouraging words and prayers.”

She obviously had a big Yes in her life in entering the sacrament of marriage but for Kristina it was more than just a yes to entering into this marriage. It was a yes to trusting in God and His greater plan for them. There were so many unknowns as they started a life together and it has been hard overcome the anxieties and questions that come with it. “I don’t know what our next step is going to be and so I’ve needed to lay down my wants and my perfect vision of marriage and instead say, ‘okay God, I don’t know what You have in store for us, or where we are going to live, or if Iven will get a new job, but I’ve realized that I just need to lay down my wants and die to myself enough to say, ‘I don’t need to have all my ducks in a row.’ I just need to rely on him and know that His plan is the best possible plan for us.”

“I don’t know what our next step is going to be and so I’ve needed to lay down my wants and my perfect vision of marriage and instead say, ‘okay God, I don’t know what You have in store for us”

Yes, this desperate need to trust is present in Kristina’s new marriage but I think just about all of us can relate. Sometimes I find myself having not only a plan B just in case, but also a C and a D and an E all the way to a Z. To die to myself and my wants is a lot harder said than done but it is so good to see a woman who I look up to do it everyday. “We must ponder in the fact that he knows best and that my plan is usually never the best way…” It becomes so easy to just say, ‘Hey Jesus, I’ve got this great plan for my life and I would really love it if you could kind of incorporate this into your plan’ but as Kristina said, “I could not even have imagined the gifts and graces that God has given me in my life. His plan is unimaginable in our minds, and it is always 100 times better than anything we can make.”
Talking to Kristina about her femininity was so good because she admitted to struggling with knowing what it actually meant and I think that a lot of women struggle with that same problem, “I’ve always thought of femininity as the bible describes how a woman should be and I always saw that as meek and soft and tender and quiet and I never felt like I fit into that because my personality is loud and sometimes obnoxious.” But it has been through experiences in her life and through living out her femininity in marriage that she has grown to have a greater understanding of what it really is, “I’ve grown to see that femininity really looks like thinking before I talk or not harshly responding back to people. With Iven, its knowing that everything he is doing, he is doing to serve me. He is not purposely saying anything mean. It’s approaching situations thinking the best about other people.” In broader terms, to Kristina, femininity is, “having a tender spirit, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a bubbly personality or super outgoing or opinionated. Just being tender towards other people is in our nature as women.”

“It was entirely worth the wait. It was incredibly hard and it still is hard but it is so much sweeter because its real-life.”

I know on Monday I wrote about how frustrating it is to accept being the Beloved, to wait and see what God has in store for me. It’s hard to be patient, to trust in His plan, but from a woman who waited she can say, “It was entirely worth the wait. It was incredibly hard and it still is hard but it is so much sweeter because its real-life. We know that starting from day 1 in our marriage it’s only us and it will only be us.” She didn’t feel the need to hide hardships or pretend like it was easy, she was authentic and it was so good to finally hear honesty like that. “This first month has been really neat to giving everything to him. Letting him have my heart and sharing my feelings and little desires to him. Finally, being able to share those things that I have been waiting 3 ½ years to share with him is just a really sweet time.”
Their relationship was worth the wait and I know that whatever plan God has in store for me is worth the wait too. I ask all of you to pray for Kristina and Iven as they enter into this new stage in their lives and I also pray for you women reading this… that you may know how beautiful, good, and worth it it is to wait for God’s plan, to trust in His Divine Will, and to give it all to Him.

God Bless

In Him through her,
Lizzy Rich

Kristina’s Favorite Places to Shop:
Thrift Shops (this is a link to thredUP, the largest online thrift shop… its amazing)

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