An Image to Uphold or a Truth to Live?

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Five years ago, when I graduated 8th grade my father (and my mom but let’s be real it was totally a dad thing) gave me a beautiful purity ring and I haven’t taken it off since. To be completely honest with all of you, my original motivation for wearing this ring was because my older sister, who I have always look up to, had the same one and also never took it off. It was always just assumed that I was going to wait until marriage in my family and yet it was never really talked about and as I grew up and went to high school I lost sight of what this ring meant. It became more of an image I upheld instead of a truth that I lived.

Now, let me tell you, my poor guardian angel has been working overtime with me ever since middle school and I am so grateful for the ways God has protected my soul, even when I didn’t know it or more importantly… when I didn’t like it. Fun fact about me, I have never been in a relationship nor have I ever kissed a boy. Not that big of a deal, but in high school that was just about the most embarrassing thing I could have ever admitted. I didn’t really pray in high school but when I did it was always asking God to help me out with my boy problems… to be real with you all I felt a little pathetic.

What I’ve come to realize now is, that while I said I would have waited until marriage, in my desperation to find love in a man who couldn’t fulfil me I know I would have easily fallen. God saw my heart, He knew how weak I was, and protected me from something I would have regretted for the rest of my life.mondayref-2So, what does this purity ring mean to me? As for now, it means that my heart belongs to God and God alone. I’m done idolizing men over God. I’m done with selfish prayer. I’m done letting myself and other young women believe that our body is the only thing we have to offer men. Ladies, we are strong and tender and compassionate and good and gosh darn amazing and we have so much to offer this world. I’ve met so many young women who feel like they have nothing to offer men except their bodies and not only does that infuriate me, but it also breaks my heart. We deserve better and we need to love ourselves better.

This ring means that I am ready to fight for the Truth; to fight for the women, who like me, feel that the only way to be loved or beautiful is to be in a relationship. This ring means that if or when God finally puts the man in my life that He made for me that I can give myself completely to him without reservation or fear because I know that I am the daughter of the King and this is a man who will treat me as such. Now, I know I’ve been talking about relationship stuff a lot lately and next week is definitely something different but I am just so passionate about women knowing that they are worth so much more than anything a man can define her as. We are true, good, and beautiful and I’m done feeling any different.mondayref-1Purity ring doesn’t really seem like your thing… that is totally okay! For me it is just a tangible reminder of a truth that I already hold in my heart. A cool aspect of my ring is that in the center of it is the miraculous medal. Who better to imitate and inspire you to hold strong in chastity and purity than Mary herself. She is an example of strength in the way she loved her husband so purely and her Immaculate Heart brings me closer to her Son every time I look down at my hand.

I would love to chat with you all one on one if you want to here and I fyou want any reccomendations about where or how to find a ring I would love to chat about that as well! God bless!

In Him through her,

Song Recommendations of the Week:
Build My Life – Housefires
Blessings – Change the Rapper (y’all this song is hilarious and I love it)
Fox on the Run – Sweet

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