Top 3 Favorite Shorts of the Summer

Alright girls, here is the deal… good (cute) modest shorts are hard to find. For some reason with a lot of modest shorts, you put them on and it can just feel a little awkward at first and I don’t know about the rest of you but I would get, and still do, very self-conscious when I know my shorts were longer and a little looser than everyone else’s. It is definitely just a culture thing, and something I need to get over, but it can be so so hard to go against that culture alone. So here I am to help you. On my search for good shorts over the past year I have discovered these three styles which are an absolute favorite of mine and I always get complimented on. I’ve decided to talk though each pair from most to least casual and I hope you like them!3faveshorts-83faveshorts-6 Everyday Mid-rise khaki Shorts– Old Navy | Black V Neck Plaid Blouse (similar but much cheaper and cuter) |
These shorts were the start of it all. One year ago, I needed simple easy shorts to bring to a week-long Life Teen camp and I found these ones cheap at Old Navy. At first I figured I would wear them for this camp and that would be it but once I came home I began finding creative ways to wear them. I found that tucking in the whole shirt, or even just the front middle of it, makes any pair of longer shorts more flattering and a little trendier. These shorts are just easy and go with everything and I recommend them to anyone trying out longer shorts for the first time.3faveshorts-53faveshorts-4Pink Draw-String Shorts (similar) | White Silk Short Sleeve – Madewell | Galea Sandal – Nordstrom Rack
I actually borrowed these shorts from my sister but I absolutely love this style of shorts. These mid-rise soft shorts that you lace-up are the most comfortable shorts ever, no matter what style you get or where you buy them. I probably have 3 or 4 of this style in my closet of all different colors and designs. Depending on the shirt and shoes chosen they can always be dressed up or down and they never fail to make me feel and look beautiful. I just feel more confident when I wear them, and while my confidence should never ever lie in the clothing I wear or how people view me, I feel comfortable in these shorts and I know they compliment my body well. The best part about them is that this style of the shorts makes them naturally longer, meaning that no matter where you buy them they will usually be modest.3faveshorts-13faveshorts-2Skort with Boy (I found it at Zara a month a go but its already gone… this one is similar and also from Zara on sale) | White Silk Short Sleeve – Madewell
Alright, so sources (aka my friend who is very in with fashion trends) tell me that wrap around dress, skirts and …. Skorts are trending this summer. Now, I was just as shocked as you all might be to see skorts trending, until I saw this one. My friend was wearing this exact pair one day and I knew I absolutely needed my own and so I went to a Zara the next day. This wrap around skort with the lace on the bottom are so cute and work for just about every situation. I wore it with this blouse to work a catholic marketing conference and I’m bringing them with me to wear out one night on the Island of Formentera for our family’s vacation. Put a pair of booties or birks with these shorts and you can wear them out into the city if your heart so desires. They are so cute and good for just about every event. Who doesn’t want a skirt where you don’t have to worry about how you are sitting, or in my case dancing, because they are also shorts! These may have easily been one of my favorite purchases of the summer.

Well, I hope this helped in some way with the shorts conundrum and I can’t wait to hear your feedback! God bless and I hope you all have a fun and blessed weekend.

In Him through her,

One thought on “Top 3 Favorite Shorts of the Summer

  1. I have such a hard time with shorts that I hardly ever wear them…it’s a modesty issue, but also the fact that I have fairly athletic, stout legs. These are definitely suggestions that I’ll need to give a try, so thanks!!!


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