Feeling Professional

business-4business-5Mid-Rise Columnist Ankle Pant – Express (same style different color) | Simple v-neck – Target |White Cardigan – Nordstrom | Söfft women’s mirabelle sandals –  Söfft

In the second to last week of July I went with My Saint My Hero to work a Catholic trade show in Chicago. It wasn’t like any job I’ve had before and I really struggled to put together outfits that gave me a professional look while not losing what I feel is uniquely me in my style. This outfit was easily one of my favorites that I put together.

business-2business-3I was so excited when I got these pants because not only did I see them as a very cute possibility for professional outfit but also because I got them 50% off! Paring a light purple shirt that matched the purple of the stripes was easy enough but it was really the sweater that finished off this outfit. My mother saw what I was packing and immediately went and got this silky sweater for me. This second layer brought in a whole new dimension to my outfit that was seriously lacking prior and I’m not going to lie to you guys… I felt pretty dang cool the day I wore this.

business-1What I loved so much about this outfit is that I didn’t feel like I was wearing it just to impress someone and I was so comfortable in it all day. I really liked wearing this outfit and while I intended it to be solely for business purposes I could easily wear this any other day. I don’t have a lot of experience with the professional world but I do know that I’d much rather be my authentic self and happy with how I am presenting myself to others than pretend to be someone I’m not. By being myself, and expressing who I am through my fashion, glorifies God and that is something I want to bring into any work force that I enter.

Thanks for reading!

In Him through her,

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