Fiat Voluntas Tua – Pink Salt Riot

pinksaltriot-1 Thy Will Be Done Coral Tassel Necklace| Praise God Burgundy and Peace Hair Tie Set | Thy Will Be Done Latin Bangle Bracelet |

I don’t know if you all remember but about a little over a month ago I announced that I was going to start working with a new jewelry company… well, I finally got the product and I am so so so excited to share it all with you because it is a company I support and I think you all should know about it.pinksaltriot-6pinksaltriot-7The company is called Pink Salt Riot and it is a Catholic Jewelry company whose product is made to help you remember to practice joy; a joy that takes time, practice, and prayer. I have felt so drawn to their product and when I went their website I realized why… most of my favorite pieces where those that had Mary’s Yes (Fiat Voluntas tua) on them. I was looking at these beautiful pieces and was reminded of my own Yes to starting this blog. Of the crazy ways that God took that humble yes and has turned it into the most beautiful things just like He did with Mary.pinksaltriot-4pinksaltriot-9As for the artist, Jill Simons, who started and makes everything for Pink Salt Riot, I love the idea of not only supporting a young Catholic mom, but also supporting a woman who has a business model centered around spreading the Joy of Christ. It isn’t an easy business to be in these days and yet we so desperately need people who are willing to take risk and change the culture of our business world. (as a business major I am crazy passionate about this and love seeing it played out in the real world) And, to top it off, one of one of Simon’s main inspirations for her jewelry is Pope John Paull II and it is so evident in the way she designs the pieces, the words she chooses to use in each piece, and in the way she markets her brand.
pinksaltriot-3pinksaltriot-8Simon’s pieces never fail to show me how much we can glorify God through beauty. From simple hair ties to intricate long necklaces God’s beauty and goodness is shown in it all. There has been this pattern of transcendence through beauty that has been so present in my life over the last year and I have seen it change so many hearts since then. Pink Salt Riot exemplifies this so clearly and I am honored to be working with them. Make sure to go check out the website and see how stunning their work is!

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