Create Your Own Back to School Look

The summer is officially coming to an end, I head back to Washington, D.C. this Saturday, and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be at school again. It seems crazy to me that someone who is as excited as I am for this ‘back to school season’ to begin used to dread it so intensely for most my life. It had nothing to do with my friends at the time or the classes I was taking (for the most part)… I dreaded the idea that I couldn’t be myself anymore.

Sounds crazy but there was a freedom in summer that I didn’t have at school. A freedom to dress as I wanted, talk as I wanted, believe as I wanted. I would have these transformative summers throughout middle school and high school, whether it be from a retreat or a travel experience or meeting a new friend, and I wanted to stay the person I had become, yet, I could always feel myself drifting back into the person I was the year before. I had this need to be seen as stylish in the eyes of others, this need to have the same humor as my friends, this need for acceptance…

Praise God that He finally knocked me on the head and got it in my thick skull that if I don’t live in Him fearlessly, then I will never be truly happy. So, what does that look like? For one thing, I’m done being afraid of vulnerability and I’m done downplaying my beliefs and what I know to be true just to please others. Another thing is, I’m done believing people who tell me the lie that ‘it’s just clothes’, or ‘oh that skirt looks weird’, or ‘Lizzy, people just don’t dress like that anymore.’ Putting together an outfit that glorifies God brings me so much joy and, as I start my sophomore year, I’m entering with the confidence that if I can glorify God with my life then nothing else matters… especially someone’s opinion of me.

Now, I can’t help you come to any crazy realizations or be there to encourage you each step of the way or comfort you when someone makes an unnecessary comment but what I can do is give you options. Options of how to dress in a way that exudes confidence, shows you are a daughter of the King, and also, shows that you are a modern woman who can do anything. So here we go!
backtoschool-2Striped Peplum topOlive Green Jeans (not exact but on sale) | Black Slide on Sneakers (on sale!)

Let’s be honest here… there is this weird common theme across the world that on the first day of school, while you want to look cute, you also don’t want to look like you tried ‘too hard.’ Is this the silliest thing, yes, but do we all fall victim to it, yes. So, I put together this outfit to do just that. I think the best part about a good peplum t-shirt is that, it’s just like wearing a normal comfy shirt, yet the peplum adds an extra flair that is so so cute and dresses up the ‘t-shirt look’ just enough. I don’t know if you can see a common theme across all my photos but I love wearing the color Olive. I own way too much of this color, but it’s because I love the vibe it gives an outfit. Olive green pants are such a good addition to your wardrobe and will be so good especially in the fall. As for the shoes, I just got these amazingly comfy slide on black tennies from Marshalls and I do not want to take them off. They are cute, and casual, and yet somehow add that last touch of “trendiness” that any first day outfit needs. There are so many other ways to change this outfit and make it your own. Change the color of pants you wear, wear booties instead of tennies, add a comfy sweater, and so much more! Make your first outfit back something that shows your personality, expresses your individuality, and is something that you feel completely comfortable in.
backtoschool-4Furry Vest | Green Comfy Tee | High Rise Denim Shorts |

I think Tuesdays are a fun day to make a bold move with your wardrobe. People have already seen your style, and maybe they’ve made a first impression, so, it’s time to shake things up a bit and be bold. I did that with my favorite furry vest. I think I wore this thing a total of 1 time while in high school just because I didn’t have the confidence to wear it but now that I feel so much more freedom I absolutely love it and I love the way it shocks people who see me wearing it. I don’t want to be someone who is easily definable. I want to make people think about the judgement’s they’ve made and the preconceived notions they may have and see that those things are more often than not wrong. Maybe I’m expecting a lot from a simple furry vest, but I truly believe that the way you dress really can have an impact on the way someone thinks.
backtoschool-6T-shirt dress (green not being sold but black and white striped is super cute) | Comfy Brown Leather Sandals |Long Cardigan |

The Wednesday slump is so very real and in high school I probably would have worn running shorts and a flannel (which I still wear very often) but I think a t-shirt dress is the best option to combat that. These dresses are like God’s gift to women in a particularly rough week because they are the comfiest things ever, the style is designed towards modesty, and yet, because you are wearing a dress people automatically think you tried hard, even though its faster to put on this dress than a pair of running shorts and a flannel. Throw a sweater on for layering and a comfy/cute pair of sandals you’ve got yourself the perfect Wednesday outfit.
backtoschool-8Denim Button Up | High Waisted Dark Distressed Jeans | Cream Cardigan|Brown Suede Birkenstocks

Am I wearing a double denim outfit… you betta believe it! Thursdays are weird in college because some people are done for the week and ready to start their weekend and other people are like “I have five classes tomorrow how can you possibly feel so free” (I’m going to be that person next year in case you were wondering) And so I feel like Thursdays are my experiment days. I like to try out styles that I saw someone else wearing that I really liked, but am not sure if it is for me. When I first put on this outfit I didn’t have the sweater and it was very overwhelmingly denim, but as soon as I put the sweater on, it was like the whole outfit changed and I was ready to go out in public and rock the double denim. I think Thursdays are days where you can play around with what you are wearing, and if you have an outfit in mind that might turn out funky keep changing it little by little because in the end, if you wear something confidently no one will think you can’t ‘pull it off.’
backtoschool-12backtoschool-13Washed Tie Jogger-Olive (on sale!)| White Swing Tank |Lace Tan Cardigan | Women’s Rib Knit Faux Leather Jacket | Black Peep toe Booties (on sale)

Fridays… you have officially survived your first week of school, the weekend has come, and you are ready to face the world. (only slight exaggeration) Fridays are unique for me because after classes my friends and I often go into the city and try out a new place for dinner, or go to the movies, or just wander. Sadly, I get out of classes late on Fridays so I need an outfit that is good for school but also cute enough that I feel fun and trendy while in the city. When I put this outfit together for the first time and looked at myself in the mirror I was literally so excited to wear it because, to be honest with you all, I felt beautiful in it, and that is how every outfit you put on should make you feel. These loose pants are my new favorite thing because they look good on any body type, they are so comfortable, and God blessed us and made them fashionable this year. Now, if I want to dress this outfit down because I’m just staying on campus that day it’s so easy to throw on a pair of Birkenstocks and a light sweater, but if I want to dress it up, I can throw on a leather jacket and straight up feel ready to rule the world. Outfits are made to be tweaked, played with, and loved and I know for a fact that all of you reading this have the ability to do just that.

It’s crazy that the way we dress can say so much about us and while God has said we shall not live of this world, He has asked us to live in this world and I’m ready to do that while glorifying Him in every single one of these outfits… is this cheesy, maybe, but is it true, absolutely.

5 thoughts on “Create Your Own Back to School Look

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m in love! I am a Catholic college student and frequent thrift shopper and I spend way too much time stressing about my wardrobe. I love how you blend trends, modesty, and openmindedness! Love this article and can’t wait to read more!


  2. I know you posted this last week but, I just wanted to say thank you for showing girls like me that you can be stylish and cute while still giving glory to God. You’ve made me excited to put together new outfits that aren’t sweats and a tshirt. : ) Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work, you are such an inspiration.


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