A Wardrobe Fit for a Queen

This post isn’t about recommending dresses that cost you $500 or about how to be a “queen” as the kids are saying these days 😉 It’s about how and why the Queen of the Universe fits into every decision I make. Many of you know that a year ago I consecrated myself to Mary. Every prayer, every intention, every good work, every ‘yes’ go through her. She helps to align me with her Son’s cross and teaches me every day how I can better glorify Him.
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My decision to dress modestly is a ‘yes’ that came about through Mary’s own Fiat and I owe this whole blog to her inspiration. She is a like my mother here on earth who supports me and loves me unceasingly. And, like with my mother, I seek her approval in everything I do. I know that if I have Mary’s approval on any decision I make then I have the approval of all the angels and saint who stand behind her and you have that opportunity too if you wish.

Mary has taught me what it is to be a true woman of God and that includes how to dress like one. I’m not wearing her normally depicted veil and long white or blue dress, but I do take fashion tips from her each day.

The first advice I took from her was when I had just started dressing modestly and I was terrified of what people would think. I went to a public school and it was hard to be the person who stuck out and didn’t follow the usual trends. It was when I reflected upon Mary’s yes… this yes to having a child out of wedlock at a time when it was completely socially and morally unacceptable… that I understood what it meant to have unwavering trust in the Lord. Her trust that God would provide for her inspired a confidence and a humility that was unwavering so that when people gave her dirty looks or spoke ill of her, which I’m almost certain happened, she didn’t lose faith or give up on her mission. She continued onward and for that God literally crowned her as Queen of the Universe. If she can do that then I could wear some longer shorts. She taught me to do what was right even when others don’t agree and most importantly she taught me to walk confidently in the knowledge that God will always provide and so like Mary did, I shall glorify Him. basillica -1Another tidbit of advice that I got from her was that as women our bodies were made to be living tabernacles and we must respect them. She carried the living Christ inside of her body and I am 100% positive she lived fully in that knowledge. To live in the same knowledge I have begun to focus on covering up my torso that will one day carry a human being in it. It’s not something us women are told often but one of the main reasons they tell us to cover our stomachs is because of that truth. It seems weird but our wombs are sacred. Ladies, our bodies are sacred objects and like any sacred object it deserves to be respected and it must be protected. Mary protected her body with a veil and I can protect my body with an undershirt or a bando. It seems silly and cheesy but it really is something important to keep in mind every day as you head out the door.
basillica -4Finally, I don’t know how much truth there is to this but Mary is always depicted in blue and that is my favorite color to wear. Not only do I feel super connected to Momma but I love the softness of it and I love the way it makes my eyes pop. I have found my color that I connect with and I think that, whether it be coincidence or divine intervention, it brings me closer to Mary’s Immaculate Heart and I love that!

Here is the deal… the best part about Mary is she never judges but she does love you enough to tell you when you’re wrong… sometimes I look in the mirror and may think the outfit I have on is cute or it’s not that immodest and yet there is this off feeling in my gut. I’ve always seen that feeling, that intuition, as Mary telling me I’m not glorifying her Son to the best of my ability. It’s like this small but very real feeling I get that coaxes me with a motherly love to change my outfit and when I listen to it I never ever regret it. Not only am I always more comfortable but I also always love the outfit so much more.
If anyone is interested in doing a Marian consecration please feel free to reach out to me here because I am re-consecrating myself soon!

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