Beauty Will Save the World

I’ve always struggled with the east coast. In California, I knew what I was getting myself into, 65 in the morning and 72 in the afternoon, every day… all year round. Now, I’m on the east coast and it can be pouring rain but hot outside and the next day it is super windy and freezing and the day after that is sunny and temperate and I don’t know how to dress.pinkcentral-4Army Green Sweater (got this at a boutique so here is a cute sweater on sale!) | Black Sweater with Lace Frill Dark Skinny Jeans | Pink Lace-up Ballet Flats | Pink Salt Riot “Courage Dear Heart Knecklace

So, I started creating outfits that worked a little for both until I got back into the groove of serious weather confusion… this was easily one of my favorites.  There is something about it that is so sweet and classic and girly and I just can’t get enough of it. The best thing about sweaters is they are comfy and easy to make cute and when paired with blush ballet flats and dark jeans it transforms a comfy sweater into a modern and chic city outfit.pinkcentral-6New York Sept 2017-892.jpgMy Friday Feature may be this outfit, but I would be selling you guys short if I didn’t talk about the experiences I’ve had in it. I got to wear this outfit around New York City with one of my best friends carrying around a giant bouquet of flowers and even into Hillsong New York. Now don’t worry I went to a Catholic mass first, but going there after and standing with an auditorium of people who were singing and shouting out praises to our God in this city where I saw so much hurt and loneliness was so powerful. It proved to me that God is not dead… He is real, He is alive, and He is present in that city, just waiting to transform some hearts if only people are willing. I don’t agree with everything Hillsong does, but if there is one thing they do right it is the way they evangelize, the way they love those who enter their church, and the way they are unafraid to praise our God and I think we can get some pointers from them.

Hillsong sees a modern world, a world full of trends and fashion statements and applies the traditions of Christianity to those things. They are so good at evangelizing because they find people where they are at, and through beauty and grace, bring them back slowly into the heart of Jesus. Could you imagine if the Catholic Church did something like that? We’d change the whole world! I already see it in things like Life Teen and Franciscan and so much more. This post isn’t about glorifying Hillsong or dissing the church, but it is about challenging you to go out, embrace the beauty of this world, and use it to change hearts. There is a lot of brokenness out there, a brokenness that we are all included in, but to see the beauty of Christ, to know His unfailing love makes it so much more bearable. I truly, truly, believe beauty will save the world and we all have a part to play in it.

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