The Perfect ‘Sunday Best’ Look for this Fall Season

I was recently listening to a priest’s podcast on modesty and, while I didn’t particularly agree with a lot of what he said, there was one thing that really stood out to me. He was talking about how people, even if they aren’t Christian, should notice something different about us on Sundays. The way that we dress should reflect the beauty of what we are celebrating, and it’s a celebration that doesn’t last just the one hour we are at mass. We are told to celebrate the entirety of Sunday and so, not only have I started dressing nicer for Sunday mass but I’ve also started to wear my Sunday best all day long. The crazy thing is… people have noticed a difference in me. I’ve gotten so many compliments and affirmations and so many people telling me it has inspired them to start dressing nicer for mass. And while it definitely isn’t about the affirmations or the compliments, it is about how people notice a difference in the way I dress on Sundays and it makes them think about why this day is so special.SundayBest-6I couldn’t find this blouse anywhere but I found this one at Madewell that screams fall and would look so cute with this skirt | Tiger Lilies Midi Skirt

So, how am I doing my Sunday best this upcoming fall season… with my favorite mustard midi skirt from Modcloth and a super cute back button-up shirt from Madewell. The bold pattern of this shirt adds a whole new dimension to the simple skirt making it fun and playful while also making it just nice enough for Sunday mass. These two colors together put me right into the fall mindset and I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing. Also, this skirt comes in so many beautiful fall colors and I just want every single one of them!SundayBest-3SundayBest-2SundayBest-4SundayBest-7


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