“Just Live in the Glory”

Migi Fabara Martinez: Media Studies major at the Catholic University of America

Migi Fabara Martinez… there are no words in the English language to describe this woman. She’s got this joy that is infectious and her heart makes you feel at home immediately, even if you’ve just met her. She is truly a gift and a beloved daughter and as I sit to write this post I’m in awe of her words and the story of her faith.migi-6Trusting in God’s will for me has always been something I struggle with, but listening to the way Migi has continued to trust, even with all of the hardship she has been through, has truly put my life into perspective. “Growing up my life wasn’t the best. My parents weren’t together and my father wasn’t really in my life but regardless of that, I have always said yes anyway. I choose to believe in Him when all these things aren’t going right.” Facing any hardships with the mindset of ‘Thy will be done’ she can recognize that the plan God has for her is above anything she could comprehend. She says ‘yes’ to Him even when it feels pointless or it seems like such an insignificant thing. “We are so small in His plan and yet I feel like without my yes then I’m not doing my job as a Christian to help others.” Each of our yes’s to the little things we are called to do each day help our brothers and sisters say yes to what God is calling them to. John Paul II’s ‘Yes’ to priesthood inspired millions of teens to come back to their faith. My camp councilor’s yes and my sister’s yes and my mother’s yes to teach me what femininity is really about inspired this blog. And Migi’s yes has inspired so much joy and hope in so many people. Our ‘yes’ to God, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem can be used by God to change a person’s life.

Our faith isn’t just a place for you to have every problem solved… our faith is a place where our brokenness is welcome and we are given a place to heal.

The idea that God has a plan, even through our suffering, is probably the most unsatisfying arguments of our faith and yet Migi has found a way to honestly accept this answer as something beautiful. “I always say, ‘Thy will be done,’ and my friend gets so frustrated by that because it’s not an answer, but I’ve found that it’s not about dumping all your problems before God and having Him just fix everything. It’s an answer to a call. It’s about laying them before Him and saying here are my problems, I know You love me anyway.” I love this! Our faith isn’t just a place for you to have every problem solved… our faith is a place where our brokenness is welcome and we are given a place to heal.migi-4

But, even with this gift of faith, the world can still feel like too much, and that’s when God sends her friends to be a physical presence for Him on earth. “I have always seen music as a huge part of my relationship with God and it has been a part of my life since childhood. I have this friend Jesse and whenever I’m with him, and we play music together, the music just becomes so sacred. This friendship brings me music and through that, he brings me Christ.” And, it’s not just Jesse. So many of her friends have conveniently shown up just as the world started to feel like too much and by the way she talks about her community it is clear to see that she has found a home that points her to the kingdom. “I’m in this movement called CLU, and all my life I’ve always wanted siblings and I always lived my faith kind of alone. When I met this movement that was so community-based I realize that all of these people were given to me as a gift. We do everything together and there are people all over the world in this movement and so I know I’ll always have a place and I will always have Him. It’s like we all have the same heart and it’s Him that connects us.”migi-10Now, as for this woman’s fashion sense… she blows me away every single day. She carries herself with so much confidence and her clothing is such a reflection of that. “Everything in my closet serves a purpose to advance this truth about who I am.” And to Migi, that truth is that she is a daughter of a King and she wants to dress appropriately to live that out. What I think is so unique is the lens through which she views fashion. “Just like a painting, fashion is an art-form and it’s like creativity on a person. Even crazy fashion week outfits are a piece of art. The human body is God’s greatest creation so why not adorn it with our own work of art.”

The human body is God’s greatest creation so why not adorn it with our own work of art.

Migi struggles with the same internal debate as I do; where is the line in fashion between art and materialism? And, after many conversations with friends and Dominican sisters she finally came to the conclusion that, “Fashion isn’t meant to draw attention to ourselves. I want to be beautiful; I don’t want to be attention drawing. When I’m trying to be fashionable I’m not saying, ‘look at my fun, pretty clothes,’ I am trying to demonstrate beauty.”migi-1So, what is Migi’s fashion advice for anyone in need? “As long as you are comfortable you can rock it. Don’t be afraid to wear something that you may think is crazy because if you like it who the heck cares… wear it! It’s amazing. Don’t go by what society thinks is beautiful. You think it’s beautiful and there is a reason for it. Christ installed that knowledge of beauty inside of you and you should trust that feeling.”

We are called to be females: wild and unafraid and we need to just, “live in the glory.”

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