How to Bring a Little Sunshine into Every Rainy Day

Rainy days are a rarity in Southern California and because of that, it has grown to be one of my favorite kinds of days. I love running around and dancing in the rain (cheesy I know) and getting soaking wet and sitting in a dry room with friends dressed all cozy and drinking a coffee. It just brings me so much joy and the sad thing is that a lot of people don’t feel that same joy. For a lot of people rainy days means gloomy, sleepy, wet, and cold days and as we (finally) enter DC’s rainy season I’m seeing this in so many people.rainy (2 of 4)rainy (1 of 4)Yellow Rain Jacket | Floral Long Sleeve (not exact) I love this one too and this adorable wrap bell-sleeve shirt is on sale! | Articles of Society Ripped Botton Jeans | Alex Chelsea Rain Boots (exact & super cheap at target!)

On the west coast, there were no rules when it came to fashion. You wear what you want, which isn’t always the best thing, and you are fully free to express yourself. After coming to the east coast I was kind of taken aback by the sheer amount of unspoken, and spoken rules, that almost everyone followed: no white after labor day, no linens in fall, certain colors could only be worn during certain seasons, and certain pattern mixing is a big no-no. I’m here to tell you that these rules are obsolete, and if the top designers at fashion week could create outfits like they did, then I can wear my favorite linen dress in the fall.

How does this mini-rant pertain to bringing a little sunshine in a person’s gloomy day? Floral, for too long, has been considered a spring and summer only pattern. It is one of my favorite designs to wear, and because flowers bring me so much joy, I am not the biggest fan of this supposed ‘fashion faux pas.’ People respond to the clothing we wear. It not only affects the way they see us but it also affects how they perceive the mood of others and the tone people want to be set for the day. If everyone is in grey and wearing leggings and sweatpants people get the perception that everyone is tired and doesn’t really want to be there and so their mood will change accordingly.rainy (4 of 4)On rainy days, I like to throw a splash of color into the mix, dress up, and exude joy through the clothing I wear. Specifically, I like to wear florals to remind others, and sometimes myself, of sunnier days to come. Don’t like florals? Throw in a mustard shirt or a pair of colorful pants or even a bold and colorful earing. I absolutely love this yellow raincoat whenever I put it on I kid you not I feel significantly more prepared to face the day. Don’t be afraid to be bold on a day where so many people opt for simple. Everything is a gift, especially the rain. It brings life into a dried up world, and maybe I recognize this more as a Californian who prayed for rain every day, but it is a gift that should bring us so much joy. Let us exude that joy through our clothing and bring it to others who may be struggling to feel it.

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