Learning How to Love Loud

“God knows the enemy is quieted when your loving is loud”

I’m reading this book called Wild and Free (every female needs to read this book) about the freedom we as women have in Christ, and how we’ve let the world silence our freedom. It’s one of the most liberating books because it has empowered me to claim my freedom in Christ, to drop the expectations of this world, and to know that I am never too much and always enough. It is absolutely beautiful.camo (3 of 4) 

‘The enemy is quieted when your loving is loud’ – that line was such a small part of this book and yet for some reason, it resonated with me so profoundly. I feel like every woman can relate to this; those nights where you’re lying in bed trying to fall asleep and there are all these thoughts running through your head about how you could have been better and how you phrased that one sentence wrong and it feels like the night is never going to end. Or, those moments throughout the day where a comment was made, not even with the intention to hurt you, but it seems like those words haunt you all day. Even if we know it’s the devil speaking those words into our hearts to discourage us and to separate us from God they feel so so real in the moment.

‘The enemy is quieted when your loving is loud’ – For me, those voices only come when I am thinking about myself. When I’ve separated myself from the day, when I’ve retreated to alone time, when I feel like I’m too exhausted to continue the day. The enemy is weak so he can only attack us when we feel weak. But here’s the thing sisters, love is stronger than any lie, any hurt, and any betrayal. When you’re focused on loving, when you’re focused on Love itself, nothing can hurt you.

So, how do we love in a way that silences any lie? The Corporal Works of Mercy are a great way to start. Yesterday was my favorite feast day, The Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe, (wow, it’s just so amazing) and at church in the gospel we heard, “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.” Mt. 25:camo (4 of 4)It seems as if every time I hear these I’m reminded of how little time I spend doing charity work, and every time I’m like, ‘No, starting this week I’m going to get up at some obscene hour and feed and clothe the poor every single day.’ And then, of course, I fail because those expectations are ridiculous and then I don’t really end up doing anything. We are called to be the face of Christ the King, of Mercy Himself, and if we live into that as well as we can as humans then that is loving well. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect or dedicate our whole lives to service like some of the saints. He made us, He knows our hearts, and He knows most importantly that we are human. He simply asks us to love others to the best of our ability, and when we so chose, to love Him to the best of our ability.

The Corporal Works of Mercy are meant to bring heaven to earth. If everyone truly focused on living these things out in their everyday lives the lies of the enemy in our culture would disappear so quickly we can’t even comprehend it. When you’re serving others have you ever felt like you’re not enough or too much? (maybe but it’s rare) When you’re focused on loving your friend who feels alone, do you get self-focused? When you are taking care of the elderly do you ever feel like you are not smart enough or pretty enough? 99% of the time the answers to these questions are no! Our culture has told us that we are the centers of our narrative but that is a lie. God is the center of the narrative. He is the main character in our story and by focusing on us the world is going to seem pretty dull and imperfect.

camo (1 of 4)Choose just one of the Works of Mercy to work on these next few weeks. Try out different things, see which one resonates with you, and really start to dedicate your time to it. I promise it will radically change the way you view yourself, the world, and especially your relationship with God. And, don’t forget to love loud in whatever you do.

Song Recommendations of the Week:
Love Always Wins – Michael W. Smith
Oh Come to the Alter – Elevation Worship
Made for This – Carrollton

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