About My Yes


Hi! My name is Lizzy and I am the founder of Just a Handmaiden. I started this blog for a couple reasons. Firstly, because when I was in high school women’s talks infuriated me. I was told to dress modestly for men, to protect their honor, and not for myself. I hated the word modesty, and its current definition. But then I was taught something that changed my life. I’m not dressing for men; I’m dressing as a daughter of the King of the Universe and with that comes a worth of unimaginable beauty. I’m not dressing with modesty, but I am dressing with beauty and dignity. I’m dressing as a temple of God and disrespecting myself meant disrespecting Him. Secondly, when I was told to dress and live modestly I was never actually shown how. I saw all these beautiful women, and I had these amazing examples of how to live modestly, but they felt untouchable, perfect. I couldn’t figure out how to even get close to what they were doing.

I want this blog to be a place where you can see women living out their faith in a real and authentic way. A place where you can see how women practically live out their dignity as women and daughters of Christ. I’m not here to preach or tell you how to live your life. I just want to show you what I, and a bunch of other women, are doing in our lives and hope that you can take something good from it.

This blog is a reflection of my daily yes to God in my life. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and please, please leave any prayer requests in the contact section. More important than any fashion advice I could give is the community of prayer that I want to surround this blog. In my humanity I’m nervous that this blog will go nowhere, yet I am confident in what I know to be true, that God can take the humblest of acts and turn it into something beautiful. So here is… My Yes.shanna (4 of 4)Hi! My name is Shanna and I am officially a co-writer for Just a Handmaiden! I haven’t always been drawn to modesty, in fact, I’ve lived on the opposite side of faith, opposed to modesty for large portion of my life. When I had my reversion to the Catholic faith, I knew Jesus was asking me to change many aspects of my life to reflect His love. The last thing I regarded was the way I was dressing. Finally, through the undeserved grace Jesus offers, I was brought to the truth that my body was not mine. It was a gift from the Father. The Father does not care what we wear, what brand or size, but rather how we are veiling the gift He has given; the sacredness of our bodies made in His image and likeness. When I slowly started to understand the beauty of dressing as a dignified women who knows my worth my perspectives and experiences started to change rapidly. I began to be honored in ways I wasn’t in the past, got compliments on my style, no longer felt I was in a competition with my sisters in Christ, and it helped me grow in charity to myself and neighbors. It has been a total darkness to light experience.

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